Cryptocurrencies are so rampant today and have been a wild ride since the pandemic began.

Cryptomining is a process in which a minersues a computer to solve cryptographic equations. In layman’s terms it’s solving a puzzle for blockchain. Miners verify the hashes of unconfirmed blocks and receive a reward for every hash that is verified. The process is computationally intensive, requiring state-of-the-art hardware if you are planning on making much headway with mining. Mining is not for the faint of heart. 

By heart we mean the lifeblood of a computer which is the Rig.

So, What is that ? 

Rig is a customized PC. This includes CPU , motherboard , RAM and storage. When it comes to the process of mining cryptocurrencies , it  is the job of the GPU. A quite powerful one is needed.

As a matter of fact ,  you can think of a mining rig as a relatively cheap PC with one or more high-performance GPUs attached. An aspiring miner needs to connect multiple graphics cards to a single system, which means you also need a motherboard to handle that. You’ll also be looking at more than one power supply unit (PSU) if you’re planning to push things to the extremes.

There are also some other mining-specific items you’ll need to make the mining rig ready for mining.

Here are some of the considerations before completely riding the ride: 

  • This ain’t gonna be cheap!
  • Be patient , because you’re not building a regular PC but a powerful one. 

Some of the bestest for your mining needs.


ASUS B250 Mining Expert -is a “beast” of motherboards. It has the capability 19 graphics cards connected to it.This was released back in 2017. This motherboard recommends a running windows 10 according to the experts.


Intel Core i5-6500. You may want or may not want to upgrade your CPU since it is GPU who will do all the work but this one is a quad core which is a perfect pair for the motherboard mentioned above.


G.SKILL Aegis 16GB(2x8GB) – This one will also work best on the mentioned above regarding the set-up


Sandisk SSD Plus 1TB- This kind f storage will perfectly work best with this kind of needs. 

These are just recommendations from experts on the internet. If you are planning to go on extremes, these might help you ease the bumpy road ahead ! 

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