Farming crypto would be a newcomer’s ideal initial idea once they discover that everything after forming a rig will be free of charge. We hate to break it to you, but you cannot produce crypto from mines like mushrooms. Here are Minersforks’ 4 well-curated consequences and reasons why crypto mining is not advisable for newcomers.  

1. Expensive   

To top it off, mining does mean high electric bills. If you think the amazing rig and the knowledge towards mining is the unreachable aspect, it’s this one. Electricity keeps the place running, and the bills are the receipt when you earn a profit. The primary reason it will be expensive is that a crypto mining rig runs 24/7 non-stop.  

Additionally, the initial budgeting plan for this endeavor will be in high numbers. This whole ordeal is not done without the right planning and learning curve. If you want to learn it, only a given few experts can actually give you the ensured mastery of properly creating a crypto mine of your own.  

Buying the gear to start the crypto mining business is a huge hurdle. First, the tech you need for a mine is the best Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) you can get. Furtherly, GPUs alone are expensive. And it ranges from 500 USD to 3500 USD. So, building the rig requires a handful of money.  

Besides money, you need to take up tangible space for a crypto mine to function. Some allow huge spaces for their own rigs to function smoothly. However, massively large spaces can invite overheating, so yes, crypto mining is a bad environment, bad for the environment. 

2. Prone to Illegal Attacks  

Given that mining crypto is volatile logistically, it can also suffer from hacking. You need the good people to run a whole rig. Therefore, it’s not just you planning the thing. You’ll need backup. The problem with handling the rig alone is that you need other people to entrust the whole mining endeavor.  

If you lack the gear, you get hacked. If you lack surveillance on the site, you increase the possibility of getting hacked by an insider. Besides the trust factor, even your team’s budget on building an old design is obsolete already in the eyes of the many crypto investors who are dependent on a market-driven investment.  

If you think antivirus security systems weren’t important yesterday. On huge scale projects like crypto, your own privacy is the key to your safety. Once that is compromised, it will be a prime reason why your mine does not work.  

3. Long-Term Return Of Investment  

It is more advisable to invest in crypto alone nowadays if you intend on mining. Mining is rewarding, but if you want a profitable investment in crypto, just trade for the short term or invest for a longer-term. We guarantee you that it will cost you less and it is a more rewarding effort.   

The GPU cost alone is proper crypto trade money if you think about it. However, your 500 USD GPU can be more useful if you can use it at home, waiting for Altcoins to appreciate in value.  

Additionally, it will take you 3 months to half a year in order for profits to start reflecting. Therefore, the chances of mining crypto and earning is slimmer than a needle in a haystack.  

The sole reason the mining projects work is that they weren’t caught. Those chances are slim if you have a valid amount to create a crypto mine. If there are crypto mines out there, it’s being monitored by the select few who can access the information for cryptocurrency, and they’re creating more for the whole market.  

4. Combustible  

Do you think this is funny? Well, we’re not joking. There have been cases in Ohio, Thailand, and China of crypto mines burning into a crisp in less than a decade. If your GPU processor can overheat, what does a mining rig full of GPU processors give you? The biggest barbecue session of burnt GPU processors you have ever seen.

It also harms the wallets of the consumers. Plus, it harms the environment for high carbon emissions from the rigs on crypto mines. If those examples are not a huge warning sign for you to turn back, I don’t know what is.  


Well, the cons stand out more than the perks, and it proves that a crypto mine is now obsolete for everyone. The primary takeaway here is that it will harm your privacy, it will harm your property’s safety, and it will harm a load of money in your wallet.  

Not to mention, the physical danger to the atmosphere and its volatility are huge factors. Crypto mines are obsolete, and only a few can access them. Additionally, the ROI will take longer than the creation of the office. Therefore, crypto mining is outdated. Except for the lucky few who had early inside scoop knowledge on how to make a rig. 

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